Solve a problem through design
The lack of leadership qualities in the Millennial generation
Communicate to Millennials through hand crafted guerrilla marketing techniques
Process: Sketches scanned into Adobe Illustrator / Projected onto black plywood / Traced then painted on.
Process: Sketches scanned into Illustrator / Vectorized and cleaned up / Prepped for print / Hand silk screened onto poster
Process: Illustrations pulled from poster series / Textures made in photoshop / Put together in Adobe Indesign / Printed by blurb
Process: Patterns made in Photoshop / Text and graphics made in Adobe Illustrator / Free to use pictures manipulated in Lightroom
Process: Free to use graphics bitmapped for print in Photoshop / Graphics made in Illustrator / Spray paint texture made by hand & touched up in Photoshop / Silk screen printed by hand

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